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Hard Body Fitness

Intensive Personal Training and Fitness

Be physically fit with the personal training services of Hard Body Fitness Personal Training Group in Charlotte, North Carolina. We are here to provide assistance and support to meet any goal. Our highly-qualified trainers will personalize services to meet your individual needs. We look forward to partnering with you to create a healthy lifestyle.

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Weight Control

Drop pounds and tone your body with our weight loss programs. Hard Body Fitness Personal Training Group offers customized workouts and nutrition programs to ensure your success.

Contest Prep

Step on stage with a lean and balanced physique that the judges can't ignore. Hard Body Fitness Personal Training Group provides in-season and postseason meal plans, workout and cardio programs, and supplementation advice that will allow you to shine. 

Strength Training

Get stronger and increase your lean muscle mass. Hard Body Fitness Personal Training Group will develop a personalized strength training program and meal plan that will increase bone health, disease prevention, and give you a stronger, leaner body. 

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