Our trainers are dedicated to helping you meet your personal health and fitness needs. They are skilled in a number of modalities to keep your workouts fun and changes as your fitness levels increase. 

Terry Davis

 CERTIFICATIONS: FiTour CPT, ISSA Nutrition Specialist

 FOCUS: Weight Loss, Increasing Muscle Mass, Toning, Improving Health Conditions (reduce your  dependence on  medication), Contest Prep, Power Lifting


 Over 20 years ago, I used to weigh over 300lbs and had to take insulin shots, twice a day, to control my  diabetes. I  made the conscious decision to make a lifestyle change and lost over 100lbs of body fat, and  now I no longer take  insulin and have no signs of being a diabetic. Through my struggles with losing body  fat and decreasing my  dependence on medication, I developed a passion to help others achieve their  health and fitness goals.

 I have been a personal trainer for over 18 years and have personal experience in power lifting. I  specialize in  optimizing the body’s ability to metabolize (burn) fat while obtaining/gaining lean muscle to  increase one’s resting  metabolism through the use of a variety of exercise techniques such as plyometric  training, traditional strength  training and body weight exercises.  I believe in teaching my clients the 3  basic elements to an effective health  and fitness program - cardio, weight training and nutrition. 

 My clients are treated like my family and I make sure that they work hard during their sessions but that we  also  have fun.

 E-mail: terry@hardbodyfitnessptg.com
 Instagram: @davis.terry75
 Facebook: Terry Davis

Cara Davis

 EDUCATION: B.S. Exercise and Sports Science, M.S. Sport and Exercise Psychology


 FOCUS: Weight Loss, Toning, Sports Conditioning, Agility Training


 NPC/IFBB Figure Posing Coach and an official NPC Judge.

 I have over 10 years of personal training experience, a background in playing soccer at a very competitive  level  (Semi- Professional and Division I college), and currently, I compete as an IFBB Professional Figure Competitor.  I  like to combine multi-joint movements and traditional strength training exercises in the  programs that I design. Each  program is specifically designed to cater to my client's specific needs. I use  a number of training techniques to provide variety and fun to every workout.  

 I believe that in order to achieve your health and fitness goals, you must be consistent and work hard, but  I also  believe that  you can work hard and have fun at the same time.

 E-mail: Cara@hardbodyfitnessptg.com                                                                             
 Instagram: @cdavis0714                                                                          
 Facebook:  IFBB Pro Cara Davis

Shauna Bell


 FOCUS: Weight Loss, Toning, Strength and Conditioning, Agility Training, Improving Health Conditions


 I have years of experience as an athlete, high school cross-country/track & field coach and most recently  as a  professional figure competitor. My interest in personal training comes from my personal experience  with seeing  family members struggle with being overweight and inactive - leading to many health issues.   I believe that  reaching goals takes hard work, consistency, and self-motivation to believe that you can  live a healthier life.   Workouts I design incorporate various techniques  such as strength training, free  weights, resistance bands and  plyometrics to keep work outs from becoming stale and boring. Each  program is created to meet individual goals  and are altered in intensity as abilities increase.   


 E-mail: Shauna@hardbodyfitnessptg.com                                                                   
 Instagram: @shaunarbell                                                                                              
 Facebook:  IFBB Pro Figure Competitor Shauna Bell