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Whitney A

Contest Prep

Since I began training at HBF almost 2 years ago, I have not only gained confidence in myself, but I have made great friendships as well. Terry Davis is an awesome motivator and puts his athletes and clients first...always. He holds you accountable and most importantly he wants you to achieve all your goals, both in life and fitness! Terry has guided me through three NPC Figure Competitions and I won two overall figure titles! I truly feel the best is yet to come.

Thank you Terry and my HBF family!!!

Whitney A. 
Charlotte, NC

Contest Prep

I started working with Terry in 2015. In three shows, I went from wining my class in my first show, to coming in 14th in my first national show to finally competing at the NPC National Championships in Miami, Florida.  It was this shoe that I earned my IFBB Pro Card by winning the Open Figure Class E division. 

Working with Terry is a great experience.  He provides you with personal attention and is able to handle all of the ups and downs that go along with show prep.  Terry treats me like more than a client and it is great to walk into the gym and feel like you are welcomed by family.

Shauna B. (IFBB PRO)
Charlotte, NC

Shauna B

Cara D

Contest Prep

Cara has been trained by Hard Body Fitness PTG for 5 years and currently competes in the IFBB as a professional figure competitor.

2013  - She won the NC State Championship Junior Figure A and the Junior Figure Overall title. She went on to compete at the NPC Charlotte Cup and won first place in the Open Figure Class B division.  In the same year, she placed 3rd at the NPC Jr USA's in Charleston, SC.  She competed at the prestigious NPC National Championships in Miami, FL and placed 11th out of over 40 girls in her class.

2014  -  Cara competed in the NPC Jr USA's and placed 2nd in her class in Figure Class C. She then moved on to the NPC Team Universe in New Jersey where she placed 4th. She then went to compete in Miami at the NPC National Championships where she placed 11th again in her class with over 40+ girls.

2016 - This was Cara's best showing at the NPC National Championships where she placed 4th in her class.

2017 - Cara competed at the NPC Jr USA's where she placed first  in Figure Class C and then went on to win the Figure Overall Title, thus earning her IFBB Pro Card.  Her pro debut was at the IFBB LA Pro where she placed 4th.  She later competed at the IFBB Tampa Pro where she placed 6th  and then placed 7th  at the IFBB San Antonio Pro.  She finished this year by placing 7th at the IFBB San Diego Pro and 14th at the IFBB Mel Chancey Pro in Florida.  

Cara D. 
Charlotte, NC

Contest Prep

In just three days, I'll be competing on stage for my very first time after training for only a short FOUR weeks [with Hard Body Fitness PTG as an NPC Bikini Competitor]. The process has been one I never thought I would be able to handle, but I did it and the transformation I've seen in myself already has been insane. I think I have shocked my coach (Terry Davis) more than anyone, and that alone says a LOT.

Emily B. 
Charlotte, NC

Emily B

Demetric C


From 215 lbs to 180 lbs from a size 16 down to a size 12. Thanks for giving me encouragement and direction to my weight loss. You let me know that it's a lifestyle change and not just about losing weight. You pushed me to my limits when I didn't realize I had the strength within me all along. You are awesome at what you do and again I say thanks. But this is only the beginning. I'm in it to win it. Life that is...

Demetric S. 
Gastonia, NC


Starting Weight: 165 lbs
Current Weight: 124lbs

I clearly remember trying on a pair of jeans, size 9 to be exact.  I can still recall all the emotions that overwhelmed me that day.  Being a young mom at such a young age and going from a size 3 to a size 9 in a matter of 2 years really took an emotional toll on me.  That day was the turning point for me.  I started working out a couple months after my second pregnancy.

Being a mom of 2 babies, it was very hard for me to find time in my schedule to workout.  But I made time even if it meant less sleep.  I would give myself 30-45 minutes for a simple home workout.  I would call it "ME TIME".

The biggest challenge I faced when I started working with Hard Body Fitness PTG was making the time commitment to give my fitness goals the attention that they deserved. There were so many times I just wanted to throw in the towel and give up, but was constantly reminded by my personal trainer that I was completely capable of accomplishing my fitness goals.

My routine consists of strength training 2-3 times a week and get at least 30-40 minutes of cardio on my rest days. I never imagined myself doing things that I can now do.  In 2015, I accomplished my first Spartan Trifecta, something that I couldn't see myself doing 4 years ago.  My best advise for other Hard Body Fitness PTG clients is to come prepared and ready to work towards your fitness goals, and prepare yourself for some amazing results!

Nallely D.
Charlotte, NC

Nallely D

Tim E

Contest Prep

Tim competed in his first ever show at the NPC Baltimore Gladiator Championships in Maryland where he placed 1st place in the lightweight bodybuilding division. He came to us 3 weeks prior to his show seeking help because he knew he wasn't ready to hit the stage, but he knew, with my help, I could transform his body into a winning package. Congrats Tim on your win!

Tim E. 
Waldorf, MD

Contest Prep

This couple, Tandra and Brian, competed in their first ever bodybuilding competitions at the OCB Eastern Regional Championships in Maryland.  Tandra is a fitness model who competed in the bikini division and Brian competed in the men's physique.

Tandra placed 4th in the Novice Bikini division while Brian placed 1st in the Debut and Novice division as well as placing 2nd in the Open Men's Physique division!

It's always fun working with this fit couple!

Brian & Tandra
Waldorf, MD

Brian and Tandra

Tamika T

Contest Prep

After 3 months of training, I finally reached my goal on walking on stage in my first bikini competition! Nobody really knew because each day I wanted to quite but I didn't.  After pain and wanting to cry from the workouts, walking up at 5am for cardio and eating food that had nothing on it, I wouldn't have been able to push myself without having special people in my life to speak life into me... it was all worth it!

.... thank you Terry!

Tamika T. 
West Palm Beach, FL

Contest Prep

Branden competed at the NPC Maryland State Championships where he placed 5th (out of 30 competitors) in the Open Men's Physique Class B division. This was his first ever show and did an amazing job! It is a pleasure working with him!

Waldorf, MD


Shonda T

Weight Control

Thank you for believing in me and for changing my life. I started my journey weighing in at 260 lbs and not believing it was possible for me to lose weight. After 6 months, I went from 260lbs to 215lbs. I started with 48% body fat and went down to 35% body fat and gained 5lbs of muscle. I feel great and look great and I want to thank you for making this possible.

Shonda T.
Charlotte, NC