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Who Is It Good For?

Whether you want to build a lean and toned body, lose weight, increase your muscle mass, improve on athletic performance, or just just live a healthier lifestyle, we can create a program for you. Online personal training is ideal for those who like the freedom to train on their own but needs a little more guidance on how to achieve their goals.


  • Customized Workout Plans
  • Customized Meal Plans
  • Nutrition Education Based On Your Specific Needs
  • Weekly Photo Check-ins
  • 4 Follow-Up Calls Per Month With Your Trainer
  • Track and monitor progress through our personalized app.
  • and Achieving Fitness Results!

How Does Online Personal Training Work?

After you purchase your online training, you will talk with a personal trainer to discuss your fitness goals, your daily activities, your food preferences and any known allergies. Based on the information you provide, a customized personal training program and a meal plan will be created. Your meal plan and workout regimen wlll be emailed to you following your conversation. You will provide weekly photos of yourself (front, side and back) so that the trainers can track your progress and make any necessary adjustments. Programs are typically adjusted on a monthly bases but are subject to change more frequently depending on the trainer's observations. You will have a total of 4 follow up discussions per month, with your trainer, to discuss your progress, any changes to your goals, and to address any questions that you may have.



Contact us in Charlotte, North Carolina, and take advantage of our conditioning muscle strength exercises.